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~ Sunday, February 16 ~

A fool to words
To riches that were bestowed
Unjustified trust in a cold
Lively world

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~ Thursday, February 6 ~

A Hand

To lend
To hold and grasp
To let go
To give away
To manage To connect

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Here I sit
Here I wait
In this game of life
I await for a date
Date of birth
Date of death
To be with one
Is the only day
I wish and I pray
To see you happily
Joyous and not gray

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~ Saturday, January 4 ~

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~ Wednesday, January 1 ~

Drifting Molecular Space

Far out in the ocean I stay afloat
Not sinking or standing just simply above not making a single stroke
Opportunities and possibilities crash like a wave in the ocean
I mope to discover the truth beyond endless limits
Must there be more to this craving of need and want cycle
I desire to be one
Intertwined and connected with everything that is MATTER

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~ Thursday, December 26 ~

hailxjune-deactivated20140424 asked: Id be a pen pal x

Happy Holidays!


musicforbetterorforworse asked: hey :) I'm looking for a pen pal to! :) where are you from? I'm 18 and from the uk :)

Hey happy holidays I’m Brittany 23 from the States currently in Michigan (:


prot-jex asked: My name is Elena/23 from California if you're still interested in penpals

Hey I’m BrittAny 23 currently in Michigan (: Happy Holidays!

~ Monday, December 23 ~

Type Left

The constant flow of fingers sliding back and forth

Up & down in a constant pattern 

From letter to letter

A to Z

Typing on keys

In rhythm 

Feeling a word out

Transcending information to format

A story

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Write for a cause

I’ve been wanting to write poems and inspiring letters to people with interests and Want a pen pal like back in the early 2000 or late 90s. Anyone want a pen-pal? MSG me.

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~ Saturday, December 21 ~
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stalinrush asked: I think i saw you today but you didnt say anything. I figure you didnt/don't even know who i am so i dont blame you.

Hmm..possibly I have trouble with remembering and paying attention. Feel free to say hello whenever!

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